Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Jarlaxle raised his eyebrows. This drow had an extreme amount of luck. “And you survived the underdark? Well well, not many can claim that.” He examined the young,…

Jarlaxle nodded. That was exactly what his mercenary band was. A House for the Houseless.”Well, you would join the family. But here, on the surface. You would do jobs for me, and get a generous cut of the profit.” A lie, mostly. He would get paid, but not as much as Jarlaxle.

"Are there any others of your band already up here, or would I be the first one? It don’t matter much, I’m just curious" Mastel crossed his arms and shrugged. "Regardless, I would be delighted to join your family. Sounds rather interesting, living in a House Of other Houseless who all know what you’ve been through…," his eyes glazed over for a few moments, his mind lost in a memory.